Boundary & Privacy Fencing

Panel fencing used to be flimsy, high maintenance and prone to rot and decay. Introducing Fitrite Privacy Fencing;
a stylish, strong and easy-to-install panel fencing system which provides maximum privacy and maximum

Boundary FencingIts features include:

• A real wood veneer on both sides which can be stained or painted if desired.
• Panels which flex during high winds, preventing the fence from cracking or falling.
• An intelligent design which enables a simple and seamless installation by one person.
• Panels and posts which are made predominantly from PVCu, which is 100% recyclable.
• Panels and posts which can be easily deconstructed and repositioned.

It’s superiority over rival products is plain to see and feel.  Other products can only imitate, but never replicate, its absolute quality.

Colour Options for Semi Privacy Fencing

Colour Options for Privacy Fencing